Bushido Karate Dojo

Bushido Values

The Seven Virtues of the Bushido Warrior is a code of conduct followed by traditional samurai warriors.  These virtues formed the physical and mental content of the warriors' training.

The bushido virtues not only applied to their physical training, but flowed on into their every day lives, molding the warrior into a military and social elite. Of course, these virtues were not adhered to immediately once a new student starts, but they were progressively adopted by the student as time went by. As the student reaches towards the distinguished rank of black belt (yudansha) and beyond, the virtues become more significant.

Virtue No. 1. “Gi”


The right decision, fair and equal.

Gi is the ability to make the correct decisions with confidence, to be fair and equal towards all people no matter what colour, race, gender or age.

This virtue is the ability to make a decision, respecting all equally.  

Virtue No. 2 “Yu”


Valour & Courage.

Yu is created as the student progresses in rank and their skills become more fluent and based on reflex. The student gains confidence in themselves to know they can handle any situation that presents itself. 

This Virtue is the ability to handle any situation.

Virtue No. 3 “Jin”


Benevolence, Compassion & Generosity

Jin is the humble virtue where the student is discouraged from using their new founded skills for bigotry and domination. This virtue works together with “Gi”.  

This Virtue is to prevent arrogance with in one’s self.   

Virtue No. 4 “Rei”


The Proper Behaviour, Courtesy & Respect

This virtue makes the student aware of the principle of the Ying and Yang, one cannot exist with out the other. The teacher cannot be a teacher without a student, therefore both are equal in there own right. 

This virtue is to have respect for all.   

Virtue No. 5 “Makoto”


Honesty, Honourable & Moral

This virtue is best described as “one must be honest to ones self before they can be honest with anyone else”. Cheating and lying is an acceptance of failure and creates a false environment for the student.

This virtue means to do things to the best of our ability. 

Virtue No. 6 “Meiyo”


Success, Honour and Glory.

This virtue follows the student as they become better within themselves. Honour, Success and Glory follow a positive attitude.


This virtue is sought after, but only follows correct behaviour.  


Virtue No. 7 “Chungi”


Devotion and Loyalty, Dedicated

This virtue is the foundation of all the virtues, without dedication and loyalty  to the task at hand, the desired outcome cannot be achieved. This virtue supports all success.