Bushido Karate Dojo

Dojo Rules

1) Bow (rei) on entering and leaving the dojo.

2) Address any instructor as sensei whilst in the dojo. Address any other senior members of the dojo (brown belts and black belts) as senpai.

3) Oss is a sign of respect and is used generally in karate especially in the following situations:

o  Upon receiving any advice or command from the 
    instructor, the student must reply by answering oss.

o  When bowing at the start and finish of the class.

o  When bowing to your partner during kumite.

o  In any other appropriate situation, for instance during

4) Train at least twice a week. Sensei will keep attendance and those students who fail to train enough will be unable to take their next grading along with the other students.

5) No one is to leave the class without first obtaining permission from the instructor.

6) Any member arriving late must take up a kneeling position at the front of the dojo and await permission from sensei before joining the class. On receiving permission, bow and then join the class.

7) Finger and toe nails must be kept clean and short.

8) Keiko gis (karate training suits) must be kept clean and in good condition.

9) Jewelry (rings, bracelets, neck chains etc.) must not be worn during training.

10) Students must not engage in free sparring without the presence of sensei in the dojo.

11) Members must not smoke, swear, chew, spit or commit any other act likely to offend the etiquette of the dojo.

12) Members must not use their skills in any offensive way outside the dojo.

13) Students must always be helpful and courteous to all other karatekas in the dojo.

14) Fees. Membership fees are paid monthly by cheque or in cash. Discounts are available for family membership. Ask sensei for all payment details.

15) Insurance. Students must pay an annual insurance premium. All students must provide a signed confirmation from their doctor that they are healthy and are able to participate in karate training.

16) Responsibility for all accidents and injuries within the dojo or classroom resides with the parent or guardian in the case of child members, or with the member himself/herself in the case of adult members.

17) In the case that any member violates any dojo rule, or behaves in a manner unbecoming a dojo member, or brings disrepute or damage to the reputation of the dojo, the member may be expelled from the dojo. In such a case, the member loses all qualification for membership.

18) Protective clothing. During class sparring, all students are required to wear protective clothing. This comprises sparring gloves, mouth guards and cricket boxes (for males). Details of purchasing of these protective items can be obtained from sensei.

19) Students must be attentive at all times! When watching other students spar or demonstrate, other students should stand or sit in an appropriate manner. No slouching or leaning against walls!

20) It is not acceptable to criticize another student, especially one with a higher grade than yourself. Instruction is the job of the sensei or senpai in charge of each class.

These dojo rules will be revised and enacted as appropriate. All members will be notified by means of the dojo bulletin boards before any revision to the dojo rules and its enactment. These dojo rules were established and enacted on September 1st, 2006.

Nigel Kersh
Bushido Karate Dojo